Concierge Services

In the unlikely event of a breakdown or similar roadside emergency, you have access to the concierge services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year while traveling throughout Canada. Some examples of services that can be arranged for you during this time period include:

Alternate Transportation

We will arrange a rental vehicle for you through available car rental agencies in your area. You are responsible for all associated charges.

Airline Reservation and Ticketing

We will arrange to make or change airline reservations in case of a delay associated with a breakdown. You are responsible for all associated charges.

Personal Assistant

A representative will notify your family members or colleagues to inform them of you delay, call a business associate to cancel a meeting, or take care of any other necessary details to help ease the strain of the delay.

Hotel/Motel Reservations

Overnight accommodations can be made for you at the hotel or motel of your choice, or existing reservations can be changed as needed due to delays. You are responsible for all associated changes.

Nationwide ATM Locator

We will locate the nearest ATM using your specific network system (Star, Plus Cirrus, etc.), according to the area code and prefix from which you call.