Parts & Accessories

Unlock the full potential of your Mitsubishi with our extensive range of genuine parts and accessories. Designed to enhance performance, style and comfort, each piece promises to deliver the quality and reliability Mitsubishi is known for.

Genuine Mitsubishi Parts

Rely on genuine Mitsubishi parts to maintain your vehicle's exceptional performance, safety and longevity. Each part is engineered to the highest standards, ensuring your Mitsubishi continues to operate at its best.

Mitsubishi Accessories

Elevate your Mitsubishi experience with our wide range of accessories tailored to fit your lifestyle. From style enhancements to practical solutions, enjoy added peace of mind. All Mitsubishi accessories installed by a Mitsubishi Motors dealership are backed by the Mitsubishi New Vehicle Limited Warranty, ensuring they meet the same quality and performance standards as your vehicle.

Used Tire Recycling

For customers located in Ontario, Mitsubishi Motors is proud to work with eTracks to help ensure used tires are properly recycled.