Mitsubishi Outlander: perfect blend of style, safety and value

When it comes to choosing a family car, the journey is as personal as the destination. Explore the unique stories of Angel, Dexter, Rose and Daisy and discover how their pursuits of safety, value and style led them to the doors of the Mitsubishi Outlander.

The perfect family vehicle for Angel and Dexter

Angel and Dexter are a couple from Toronto who know each other so well they finish each other’s sentences. It follows, then, that when it came to choosing a new family vehicle, they wanted to be totally in sync.

Angel and Dexter both work in wealth management. Prioritizing value was central to their decision- making. The 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander sport utility vehicle was the perfect fit. “We knew that the pricing made it the best choice,” says Dexter. “You’re getting everything, including the great safety features.”

They also found themselves making the decision not just with their logical left brains, but also with the creative right sides. Angel recalls being won over by design: “When I first saw the Outlander on YouTube, I immediately said, ‘I want a test drive.’ When we drove the demo, the materials were soft, the leather high-quality. I said, ‘We have to have it.’”

That was that. Their three-row SUV is ideal for a family looking for space without the bulk of a hulking SUV. They’re also getting noticed. “The first time we took it out,” says Angel, “the other drivers were giving way just to get a good look.”

Angel and Dexter’s story is one that Steve Carter hears all the time. Carter is Mitsubishi Canada’s marketing director. It’s his job to get the word out about the Outlander. “That’s about putting the car into scenarios that resonate with people,” he says. “Can they see themselves in the vehicle—carrying a kayak or towing a boat? Yes, this Outlander can meet all your needs. That’s the message.”

And it looks the part.

The array of updates to the fourth-generation, 2022 Outlander includes an award-winning design with sculpted sides, strong shoulders at the rear, a distinctive face and 20-inch wheels. There’s an elegant cabin, along with cavernous cargo space, hands-free liftgate, seven-passenger seating and a panoramic roof.

The Outlander also has a high stance, for ease of entry and visibility. The ride is super quiet and the technology includes a 12-inch driver display, excellent 10-speaker Bose audio, wireless charger and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Under the hood, there’s a strong 2.5-litre, four- cylinder engine. There’s good fuel economy and six all-wheel drive modes.

Safety was an emphasis for Rose

The Outlander has 11 airbags and all sorts of driver-assistance features. The safety piece is what initially appealed to Rose, a relatively new driver in Metro Toronto. The Outlander is her very first car, one she uses for her commute every day and for shuttling duties for her daughter.

“The very first thing that caught my eye was the 360-degree-view,” says Rose, referring to the Outlander multi-view camera system, which employs cameras to assist drivers in parking manoeuvres. “As a new driver, I valued the safety features. I did several test drives of other cars, but none of them has as many features as the Outlander. It also has seven seats, which is an added bonus for us.”

Rose also found herself pleasantly surprised by the ride quality and responsiveness of the family- sized Outlander. “It’s very nice to drive,” she says.

“The interior is luxurious and comforting. I couldn’t find another vehicle with so many features in this price range.”

Outlander's design and warranty was a clear choice for Daisy

Daisy, a human resources professional, also did her homework, testing 15 different competitive models with her husband. “We test drove so many cars, went to so many different dealers,” she says, laughing. “I was exhausted. But it was an important purchase—our first new car in 10 years.”

The Outlander’s new design was appealing, sure, but the many features at an affordable price sealed the deal. “I love the driver information—especially the head-up display,” she says before ticking off a long list of other features: moonroof, blind- spot assistance, lane departure warning, parking cameras and more. Add to that the 10-year warranty, bumper to bumper. “It has a lot at a price that starts at just under $32,000. It’s competitive to any luxury car that costs you $20,000 more,” says Daisy. “And the warranty—If you are giving me 10 years of warranty, that means the car will last. Who gives 10 years? Most give three or five. That’s a lot of support.”

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