2024 Mitsubishi RVR black interior seat warmers


Even when the temperature drops, you’ll look forward to adventures in the 2024 RVR with standard heated front seats.


All Kinds of Room

Whether you’re adventuring, commuting or chauffeuring your friends and family around town, the RVR’s up to 1,402 L (49.5 cu. ft.) of space ensures plenty of room for everyone and everything in your life.

We’ve Got Your Comfort

The 2024 RVR offers a full suite of standard features to maximize your convenience and comfort.

FAST-Key Entry System

Easily lock and unlock your RVR with Mitsubishi Motors' available FAST-Key Passive-entry system. It's as simple as one push to unlock the driver door handle and two pushes to unlock the others.

Push to Start

The days of a cumbersome keychain dangling from the steering column are gone forever, thanks to the available push-to-start system.

Heated & Power Folding Side Mirrors

Get a better view of your surroundings with the heated side mirrors that stay clear even in frosty weather. Upgrade to integrated turn signal lamps built right into your mirrors to indicate your every move. Taking on tight parking spots? The available power-folding side mirrors are sure to offer a little extra breathing room.

Automatic Climate Control

Every great drive begins with the perfect cabin climate. Automatic Climate Control lets you set your ideal temperature easily, making every journey a comfortable one.